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Top 5 Best Cricut Machines In 2020

For as long as you have the dream, the passion, and the right tools, no dream is farfetched. If you want to invest in a cutter that allows you to explore your passion, you need a perfect circuit machine to help you achieve that.

We have made this guide to help you buy the best circuit machines available in the market today. Hopefully, our top picks will help you through the confusion, indecisiveness, and hustle that comes with shopping for the best there is in the market.

Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker, Champagne

This is one of the best circuit machines available in the market today. Circuit Marker is a powerful and very dependable machine and you can never go wrong using it. It enables you to create anything from paper crafts, iron ons, and even leather crafts. What makes this machine more interesting and suitable is its expandable double tools holder.

This machine has a fast-cutting speed with its powerful blade. The rotary blade is designed to cut through fabrics and surfaces perfectly well. For extra cutting power, this machine is designed for rolling and gliding action that makes cutting the surface both effective and controllable action.

Circuit Maker has pens and scoring tools. Its structure is designed to simplify sewing and quilting on a large scale using digital technology. It has a variety of digital sewing patterns and all you will need to do is to sew them together. There is also the benefit of free simple design apps with the convenience of your mobile device and the computer. Both images and fonts are free in any format. This machine also has a docking slot for holding your device and a USB charging port.


  • It has very powerful blades.
  • It has a device USB charging port.
  • It has a docking slot.
  •  It gives access to hundreds of digital sewing projects.
  •  Its engine is turbocharged.
  • It has an excellent design.
  • It uses automated technology.
  • It is suitable for both beginners and professionals.
  • It is easy to use.


  • It has a very limited cutting area.
  • It is a bit pricey.


Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine

Cricut Explore One Cutting Machine

This electronic cutting machine enables you to handle any DIY projects in the comfort of your preferred space. This machine has a wealth of features that will make your cutting project a very interesting and easy experience. To start with, this machine has a link to Design Space Software.

Circuit Explore One machine has 50k+ free images that you can easily use for your designs. All you need to do is to upload them and cut your images at absolutely no cost. This machine also has free cloud-based apps that are compatible with various devices such as PCs, Mac, and iPhone.

Cutting wirelessly using this machine is very possible. All you need to do is to purchase a wireless Bluetooth adapter and fit into your machine. This machine is designed for a wide range of materials. You can use it to cut iron-on, adhesive vinyl, and even leather fabrics. This machine is most suited for DIY crafts and projects.


  • It is fitted with a smart dial setting
  • It has a powerful premium blade.
  • It has a USB port for charging your device.
  • It cuts to different dimensions.
  • It has 50k+ free images.
  • It is tiny and portable.
  • It is affordable.
  • It allows wireless operations.
  • It accepts Bluetooth for wireless purposes.
  • It cuts a wide variety of materials.


  • It mostly cuts light materials.
  • The software it uses can only be accessed on the web.
  • The Bluetooth comes at an extra cost.


Cricut Expression 2 Machine

Cricut Expression 2 Machine, Teal

This machine has a whole new look and design with a very eye-catching look. It is both powerful and versatile as it can perform the most basic tasks. This all fun to use machine features a full-color LCD touch screen to work with. This means that one does not require any extra device to manipulate and move around the images.

This machine can also be connected to the online platform to use various programs and software. This machine also has other amazing features such as auto-fill and load last. It also has a classic fit to page feature. With this machine, you can use the independent image sizing feature to manipulate your images to suit your preference.

This machine is very easy to use, and it does not require any professional skills. If you are ignorant of how to maneuver through graphic designs, this is the best machine to go for. With the right cartridges plugged into the right place, you are good to work on your designs. In a few words, this machine is an absolute time-saver.


  • It has a full-color LCD touch screen.
  • It does not require the use of a computer.
  • It is a time saver machine.
  • You can access free designs and software through this machine.
  • With this machine, you can work with most materials.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You can access the online features.
  • It has thousands of images to work with.
  • It is powerful.
  • It is fun to use this machine.


  • You cannot use custom made designs with this machine.


Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

Cricut Explore Air 2 Mint

This versatile DIY machine is designed to accurately cut over 100+ ranges of materials. It is powerful enough and has all the features one needs to undertake a lightweight project. In fact, this machine has been named as one of the fastest circuit machines you can access in the market.

Its double tools holder enables the machine to cut, write, and scour all at the same time. This machine is very easy to understand and use it to undertake compatible projects. It has a premium Fine Point Blade and Housing. This machine also has a software design space. After purchase, this machine comes with a 2-week free trial to Circuit access.

Circuit Explorer Air 2 Mint to create custom made designs and upload them using your computer. This process is absolutely free, and it enhances your Design Space experience. It has support groups all across the social media platforms which enable sharing of ideas and tips about the machine and similar projects.


  • It is one of the fastest.
  • It is powerful.
  • It has a double tool holder.
  • It is fitted with Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • It has two operations mode.
  • It can cut wood.
  • Its blades are powerful.
  • It accepts custom designs.
  • It has storage compartments.
  • Compact designs.


  • The software requires internet access.
  • It is a very loud machine.
  • It has no apps on Android devices.


Cricut Easy Press Mini Machine

Cricut Easy Press Mini - Heat Press Machine For T Shirts and Small HTV

This mini machine is both compact and stylish in design. This machine is also very tiny but more effective when compared to most circuit cutting machines available in the market today. It is very easy to use and just as functional as the large-sized circuit machines. It is also very safe and lightweight to mean that it is ideal for on the go purpose.

If you are looking for a machine to use for your heat transfer projects, this should be your number one choice. It is most suitable for customizing unusual projects like shoes or even stuffed animals. It is designed with a ceramic coat plate. This makes it ideal for dry, and even edge to edge heat.

Circuit Easy Press Mini Machine has an Infusible Ink project with a maximum input of 120v. This machine is also fitted with a timer and has a shut-off element that makes it very safe to use. This machine is effective, and it produces quality prints.  Its base has been insulated to further safety and its price makes this machine an outright steal.


  • It is portable.
  • It is very safe to use.
  • It has an insulated base.
  • It is designed for small projects.
  • It has shut-off features.
  • It is fitted with a timer.
  • It accepts customized projects.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is stylish and attractive.
  • It is lightweight and adjustable.
  • It uses infusible ink.
  • It is affordable.


  • It is not suitable for large projects.
  • The quality is not so great.
  • It does neither heat evenly nor reaches the stated temperature.


Features to Consider When Buying a Cricut Machine

Buying a circuit machine is not the typical go to the store and just pick an affair. If you want something with superior quality and highly functional, there are key features to have in mind when going out to shop or making an order online.

  1. Cutting Speed-Different cutting machines come with different cutting speeds. It all depends on the type of blade and design.
  2. Scoring- A circuit model that features scoring is the best you can invest in. It is meant for folding and decorative purposes and it comes at an extra cost.
  3. Adjustments-Some of these circuit machines have been designed to automatically adjust themselves therefore saving you a lot of work and time expended.