Up The Excitement With These Great Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

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With the hope that the effects of isolation may soon be a thing of the past, it’s time for parents to start planning that extra special birthday party for the younger members of the family. The great news is that there are some incredible theme ideas that can really add to that air of excitement and fun for the littlest members of the family who will be celebrating an important milestone in 2021.

Getting out into the fresh air is essential for developing minds and growing bodies. Add some friends and great social interaction and a great big helping of fun and you have the perfect birthday party theme.

Outdoor Movie Night

However, think outside the box. It may not be possible for kids to enjoy the popcorn at a full-size movie theater – but that doesn’t mean that movie night can’t be reinvented. An outdoor movie night is great. Tickets can be printed and redeemed at a kiddy-themed concession stand and blankets on the lawn (or even a cushion fort if you’re feeling energetic) can make that party even more fun. Just add a laptop and a screen (you can hire one), select a classic toon or the movie flavor of the month, add some popcorn and simply sit back to enjoy the show (and the smiles and laughter).

Food Truck!

What to add more fun to the catering for your little pirate or princesses birthday celebration? Why not investigate having a food truck pop by the party venue? There are a myriad of possibilities. From ice cream treats to mini pizzas and much more. Most food truck operators are now well versed in COVID regulations and you can spread the kids (and adults – who don’t like a food truck) so everyone can stay safe and have great fun. Remember that there are also some healthy options to explore.

Spongebob Dress-up Party!

Spongebob is back with a new movie – so it may just be time to set up your own Bikini Bottom experience, complete with Krabbi patties and other treats. Play dress up and you can become your loved ones very own Mr Krab at the barbecue.

If it’s summertime or the weather is warm enough combining the Bikini Bottom experience with a pool party is a great idea.

Furthermore, there are many great themed bounce castles you could rent for the night to give the kids a great way to play and expend some energy!

Your neighborhood party shop will have a number of different decor and character-related items that will soon have everyone singing out the Ponepaply song. Play some classic episodes on the TV and you’ll very soon have some very happy little people to contend with.

Mars Theme!

The latest NASA Mars Rover has just landed on the Red Planet so it might be the perfect time for a space-themed birthday party. Blow up some balloons and ask the kids to join in painting them to resemble the planets in the solar system – it’s not only fun but it’s also educational. Exercise your imagination with space-themed treats and galactic colored soft drinks and some inspired decor and watch the imagination of the littlest party goers come alive.

A great birthday party may take a little planning and some careful budgeting – but you don’t have to break the bank to excite that sense of fun or imagination. Explore your inner child and join in the fun.