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Creative self-expression is one of the things that make people unique. We are the only beings that can create anything we put our minds to. Needless to say, there is no greater feeling than making something beautiful from scratch. This is the creative spirit we wish to nurture.

There is an unfair but popular belief that crafting is nothing but a waste of time. Some people see nothing beneficial springing out of it. Undoubtedly, as many crafters and hobbyists would tell anyone, that Is completely untrue. However, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a widely-held belief.

Needless to say, that certainly won’t stop us anytime soon. To help remedy this situation, we have listed down some of the benefits of crafting.

  • Improved Mental Health – Numerous studies have shown that hobbies like crafting do wonders for your mental health and your happiness. In some cases, people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, it is even integrated into their therapy. This is because the activity effectively improves dopamine levels – the human brain’s anti-depressant.
  • Quality Time with the Kids and Family – Crafting provides you with a unique opportunity to share an experience with your child. It should come as no surprise that arts and crafts can help bring everyone together. You can even get in touch with your inner child!
  • Side Business – Who says you can’t turn the things you love into a business? There is an entire industry that can prove you wrong.

Be sure to remember these and keep crafting.

Latest Posts

Up The Excitement With These Great Kids Birthday Party Theme Ideas

With the hope that the effects of isolation may soon be a thing of the past, it’s time for parents to start planning that extra special birthday party for the younger members of the family. The great news is that there are some incredible theme ideas that can really add to that air of excitement and fun for the littlest members of the family who will be celebrating an important milestone in 2021.

Getting out into the fresh air is essential for developing minds and growing bodies. Add some friends and great social interaction and a great big helping of fun and you have the perfect birthday party theme.

Outdoor Movie Night

However, think outside the box. It may not be possible for kids to enjoy the popcorn at a full-size movie theater – but that doesn’t mean that movie night can’t be reinvented. An outdoor movie night is great. Tickets can be printed and redeemed at a kiddy-themed concession stand and blankets on the lawn (or even a cushion fort if you’re feeling energetic) can make that party even more fun. Just add a laptop and a screen (you can hire one), select a classic toon or the movie flavor of the month, add some popcorn and simply sit back to enjoy the show (and the smiles and laughter).

Food Truck!

What to add more fun to the catering for your little pirate or princesses birthday celebration? Why not investigate having a food truck pop by the party venue? There are a myriad of possibilities. From ice cream treats to mini pizzas and much more. Most food truck operators are now well versed in COVID regulations and you can spread the kids (and adults – who don’t like a food truck) so everyone can stay safe and have great fun. Remember that there are also some healthy options to explore.

Spongebob Dress-up Party!

Spongebob is back with a new movie – so it may just be time to set up your own Bikini Bottom experience, complete with Krabbi patties and other treats. Play dress up and you can become your loved ones very own Mr Krab at the barbecue.

If it’s summertime or the weather is warm enough combining the Bikini Bottom experience with a pool party is a great idea.

Furthermore, there are many great themed bounce castles you could rent for the night to give the kids a great way to play and expend some energy!

Your neighborhood party shop will have a number of different decor and character-related items that will soon have everyone singing out the Ponepaply song. Play some classic episodes on the TV and you’ll very soon have some very happy little people to contend with.

Mars Theme!

The latest NASA Mars Rover has just landed on the Red Planet so it might be the perfect time for a space-themed birthday party. Blow up some balloons and ask the kids to join in painting them to resemble the planets in the solar system – it’s not only fun but it’s also educational. Exercise your imagination with space-themed treats and galactic colored soft drinks and some inspired decor and watch the imagination of the littlest party goers come alive.

A great birthday party may take a little planning and some careful budgeting – but you don’t have to break the bank to excite that sense of fun or imagination. Explore your inner child and join in the fun.

My Favorite Home Decor Quirk – Inexpensive Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have become incredibly popular. After all, they are incredibly good looking and they can mesh well with a lot of different decor and aesthetics. If you are looking to get yourself canvas prints, you will want to follow the tips below.

1. Find The Right Service

For one, you want to look for the service that is going to deliver you the best bang for your buck. You should be looking to find the service that offers the highest quality for the best price. Thankfully there are some outstanding canvas print companies out there. Some of the things to consider when you are doing comparison shopping between service would be whether or not each order is handmade, whether or not the service has a good reputation, how fast the order time is, and even what the total cost is. By using these criteria, you should be able to pinpoint the right canvas printing service you should be opting for when you are getting your 8×8 prints.

2. Ensure You Have The Right Resolution

When you are going to be printing something out, you need to be certain that it is the right resolution, even for 8×8 canvas prints. When you are blowing something up, it is going to require you to have higher resolution files. Therefore, you want to be sure you aren’t trying to print something that is a low-resolution file. The service that you are using will usually have a chart that you can base your printing choices on. This will ensure you are able to get the best results.

3. Unframed or Framed

Are you are going to want a frame canvas print or an unframed canvas print? Knowing which one is key because it will dictate what your end result is going to look like. You can always get the frame from the printing service to ensure a good fit.

Overall, canvas printing is popular because it offers excellent and professional-looking results. Just be sure to utilize the tips above for the best results.

The 5 Best Screen Printing Machines In 2020

There are various screen-printing machines available in the market. Choosing the right machine to fit your purpose can be both energy and time-consuming.

To help you through this very crucial process, we have put together a very comprehensive buying guide. You will find all you need in this article. Know the product description, the pros, and the cons to help you choose the best machine for your needs.

Power Press Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine

PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital Sublimation

This is a professional grade shirt-printing machine with impressive superior features. Even though it is expensive, it is worth every dime.

This machine is fitted with a Silicon Gel Base. It is powered to print a huge load all at once. Its pressure is adjustable, and its performance is simply ultra-high. The machine is also fitted with a replaceable fuse. This will protect your machine from overheating when it works overtime.

This Digital Sublimation Heat Press Machine also has an LCD control board. This gives the machine a fully digital temperature. It also gives a time control range of 0-999s. Its heating plate is Teflon-coated which is 100% harmless to clothes. It is also very convenient to clean, and it has a very attractive appearance.


  • It is very convenient to clean.
  • The machine does not overheat when used for a long time period.
  • It has an LCD control board.
  • It gives a time control range.
  • It has a very attractive appearance.
  • Its heating plate is Teflon-coated.
  • It doesn’t require a steel coating.


  • The heat press is uncontrollable.
  • It comes with very limited instructions.
  • The heat press does not work well with the vinyl.


VEVOR Screen printing Machine


This is one of the most affordable screen printing machines available in the market. This machine is also very popular among screen printers as it is known to deliver. It offers great value for every dime spent on it. In fact, considering the great reviews it comes with, this machine is an outright steal for the price tag.

This machine is designed with three different sizes. Each of them comes with four color screen grips. The pallets and the screens are designed to rotate. The screens can also be adjusted. This feature makes the workflow faster, It also prints more t-shirts.

This screen printing machine has a metal construction which makes it highly durable. It is also fitted with electrostatic spraying and electroplating. This machine is very easy to clean, and it is also easy to transport. It has a table type and a combinational structure. This machine has a wide application and can be used to press a variety of materials.


  • It has a sturdy body.
  • It is easy to clean.
  •  It is easy to transport.
  • The palettes and screens rotate.
  • It is attached to a working table.
  • It speeds the workflow.
  • It comes in 3 sizes.
  • Its metal construction makes it durable.
  • It is adjustable.
  • It is electroplated.
  • It has electrostatic spraying.
  • It is space-saving.
  • It can withstand years of use.


  •  Some deliveries are defective.
  • The instructions are unclear.
  • It has no quality control.


SHZOND Screen Printing Press


This machine has 3 buying options for single and double stations with a color scheme. It has adjustable pallets and screen clamps. The palettes in this DIY screen printing machine are also removable and as mentioned earlier, they can be adjusted in any direction as necessary.

SHZOND Screen Printing Press can print onto various fabrics – t-shirts included. It can also print on materials like woven fabrics, metal, paper, and copybooks. This machine can also work with wood, circuit board, and plastic. This machine is most suitable for small enterprises and individual printing shops.

This printing machine will require about 30 minutes to put together, with fine-tuning included. Everything is inclusive in the packaging complete with a comprehensive video on how to assemble the machine. It might not be a good idea, however, to depend on the instruction manual that comes with it as it is not as straightforward as the video.


  • It comes with a sturdy steel frame.
  • The palettes are larger.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes.
  • It has 3 buying options.
  • It comes with a comprehensive guide video.
  • It has an instruction manual.
  • It can work with different materials.
  • The palettes are removable and adjustable.


  • The instruction manual is not clear.
  • It is not ideal for large projects.
  • Some machines have quality control issues.


Mophorn Heat Press Machine

Mophorn Heat Presses

This is a multifunction sublimation printer fitted with a digital LED temperature controller. This machine has a big surface area and is very suitable for designing custom made t-shirts. It is also good for transferring extra-large elements. This machine is very ideal for transferring colorful designs. It can work on a wide range of materials.

Mophorn Heat Press Machine is fitted with a multi-spring balancer that distributes pressure to allow perfection in the designs. This machine also has a humanized design in the form of a long arm handle with a very comfortable rubber grip. It also has a heat press silicon pad with adjustable feet that makes it very suitable to use on uneven surfaces.

The cotton pads are removable. It is designed to transfer colorful images on various materials including caps, ceramic plates, and mugs, among others. It can be used for wide applications and it is not only limited to fabrics. If you prefer a large-scale printer, this machine is ideal for you. This machine has a swing-away which makes it very safe to operate.


  • It prints any item.
  • It has a swing-away design for safety.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • The handles are very comfortable.
  • It has a detachable lower platform.
  • The heating board is on point.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • The outcome product is impressive.
  • It has temperature and time control.
  • It is a commercial grade.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It has a sturdy construction.


  • Received reviews on poor customer service.
  • Its power code is low grade.


FC Pro 6-in-1 Combo Heat Press Machine

F2C Pro 6 in 1 Combo Heat Press Machine T-Shirt

This professional-grade sublimation printing machine has a full 360-degree rotation. This machine can print images on almost any material including ceramics, clothes, and mousepads, among others. This machine can also transfer heat to the same materials.

The FC Pro 6-in-1 machine has a powerful steel frame construction. This gives the machine the needed resistance for wear and tear. It  also has a non-stick surface made from upgraded aluminum alloy. It also has the US- Standard grounded plug as well as a digital time and temperature control unit. The working area is extended to provide sufficient working space.

This machine gives you the ability to use it with other designs. Its clamshell design makes it compact.Plus, its working area and height are adjustable to several inches to suit the required workstation. The temperature regulation is sufficient to provide the required prints.


  • The height and working area are adjustable.
  • It is compact.
  • The temperature and timer are digitally controlled.
  • It has an adaptable multi-spring balance.
  • It can work with several designs.
  • It comes with an instruction manual.
  • It has an extended working area.
  • It is ideal for various applications.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is long-lasting.
  •  It resists wear and tear.


  • It is very costly.
  • The instruction manual is unclear.

Buying Guide For A Screen-printing Machine

  • Type of Printing.  If you want quality prints that are long-lasting and worthwhile, you need to choose the laser printing machine. However, the Inkjet Printing Machine will give you cheap prints.


  • The Quality. Always prefer quality machines as their competence have been tested and proven.


  • The Prices. We have always said time and again that cheap is sometimes expensive. Before considering a brand that is of low quality, you will have to consider other features of the machine. In fact, the price of the machine should be at the bottom list of your buying guide.


  • Suitability of the Machine. Choosing a suitable machine will all depend on the kind of work you want to produce. Know what you want to accomplish and base your buying decision on your needs.


The 5 Best Printers For Cricut In 2020

cricut machines are amazing and vital for crafters to have. The same goes for printers for cricut designs. If you are a professional crafter, you will need this machine for printing and cutting your cricuts.

There are many brands of these machines available in the market today. However, choosing the one with the best features can get a bit hectic and confusing.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best printers for cricut. Read on and choose the product that suits your needs.


Canon Pixma iX6820

Canon Pixma iX6820

This fine regular inkjet machine is ideal for producing extremely amazing and rich photographs. This machine will not only exceed your highest expectations, it will also take your business to another level.

This solid sturdy machine is ideal for office purposes. As mentioned earlier, this machine is all about quality and details. Its resolution is very superior. It gives extraordinarily crisp text. Another very encouraging feature that many of these machines don’t have is that this one will allow you to individually replace the color that runs out.

Canon Pixma iXma6820 works in super speed to produce very beautiful borderless photos. It is fitted with software that makes the organizing and printing of the photos very easy. With the assistance of other features, printing becomes even more fun and very engaging. The printing process is very quiet.


  • Very affordable.
  • Superior quality prints.
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It has a capacity of 150 sheets.
  • Allows printing from your mobile phones.
  • It works at a superfast speed.
  • Inspiring creative templates.
  • Quiet mode feature during printing.
  • Auto power-on feature.
  • My Garden Image software allows for organizing and printing photos with ease.
  • Enhanced FINE print head technology.


  • It neither scans nor copies.
  • A single paper tray makes production high.


Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000

This stylish inkjet printer is designed to produce rich and super impressive professional photos. Compared to its predecessors, this machine is more compact. It fits any space easily. It is designed to be exclusively used with Epson brand cartridges to enable it to power your print productions to a whole new level.

This machine has a set of six vibrant inks for smoother and vivid realistic colors. It allows you to print wirelessly using your handsets even up to A3+. You can also print photos directly from your Facebook page and create greeting cards from them. You can also turn your pictures into awesome coloring books.

You can also email your images directly to the machine for printing. The paper tray on this brand can load up to 200 sheets of paper all at once. It also allows double-sided printing. Besides that, there is an extra 50-sheet tray on the rear part of the machine to allow convenient printing. This makes the printing work much easier, more reliable, and faster.


  • Compact and stylish A3+ printer.
  • Professional-looking photos.
  • Flexible: Wi-Fi and mobile printing.
  • Versatile: A4 duplex and CD/DVD printing.
  • Convenient: Front and rear paper trays.
  • New Claria Photo HD inks.
  • Light and sturdy.
  • Superior quality pictures.
  • Hands-free voice-activated printing.
  • High-speed USB 2.0 port.
  • ENERGY Star Qualified. RoHS compliant and recyclable.


  • Very costly.
  • Slower printing speed.
  • Exclusively compatible with Epson cartridges.


Epson EcoTank ET-2720

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

This is one of the best-looking printing machines that it is very hard not to take it home with you. Besides the looks, it is wireless, and it will make your printing experience very easy and super-fast. The ink tank is conveniently located at the side of the machine and is very easy to refill. Another of its amazing feature is that it allows cartridge-free printing.

Its great reputation supersedes this machine. What you see and hear about it is exactly what you will get. Besides the vibrant images, the text produced by this awesome equipment is smudge-free. It is also very rich and outstanding compared to other outputs from its arch-rivals.

The compact design of this machine makes it less space-consuming. It can easily be snuggled in the small available space on your desktop. Its incredible high color resolution generates extremely superior quality output. Its superspeedy nature will allow you to generate as much production as possible at a little space of time.


  • High-speed USB 2.0 port.
  • 100-sheet input and 30-sheet output capacity.
  • Four individual color tanks.
  • High color resolution up to 5670 X 1440.
  • Generates documents at super speed.
  • Comes with 2 years of ink and replacement ink.
  • Convenient wireless printing.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • ENERGY star qualified.
  • 2 years warranty and RoHS compliant.
  • Recyclable.


  • Low paper capacity.
  • No ethernet connectivity.
  • Exclusive to Epson cartridges.


Brother Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Brother Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer, MFC-J491DW

We have all heard the saying that great things come in very small packages. That is entirely true when it comes to the compact Brother Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer. Considering its gigantic excellent features, we can safely say that this little giant is just an outright steal.

This machine is extremely pocket-friendly compared to its archrivals. It is a very considerate machine as it does not allow ink wastage. The ink is in four individual tanks and allows independent refilling. Therefore there is no need to invest in the ink.

The borderless printing feature is enough to make this a must-buy. To say that is all to it is not true. It has a whole lot of other excellent features that will make your cricut printing easy and fun. This printer will allow you to customize every design. You can also resize the photos for a borderless superior quality professional finish.


  • Simple connectivity using USB wireless interface allows the transfer of images.
  • Mobile wireless printing.
  • Cloud connectivity.
  • Versatile paper handling.
  • Only compatible with Brother genuine ink.
  • Amazon Dash Replenishment measures the ink level.
  • Multimedia connectivity.
  • Borderless printing.
  • 100-sheet capacity tray.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Compact sized.
  • Does not allow ink wastage.
  • Can be refilled individually.


  • Slow printing speed.
  • Exclusive to Brother ink.
  • Tray capacity is small.


HP ENVY Photo K7R96A

This machine is all about sleek design and great functionality. This photo-centric compact printer features wireless technology that will make your printing experience fast, easy, and fun. It also features a touch screen panel. You will not need to press around the buttons to execute a command.

If you are looking for excellence and pocket-friendliness, this is another outright steal. The ink cartridge in this equipment will save you a great deal of ink. Besides that, this machine is designed with feeding the cricut sticker in mind therefore it has the necessary durability for that purpose. It also has a roller pressure for preserving the carrier sheets.

If you are into heavy graphics, this sophisticated equipment was made just for you. It also allows you to print using its wireless system thanks to the help of your handsets and USB ports. The built-in resolution allows you to save ink on the black prints.


  • Dual resolution.
  • Built-in printheads.
  • Borderless printing.
  • HP instant ink.
  • Display for all printer functions.
  • Highly durable and versatile.
  • SD card slot and USB port.
  • High resolution.
  • Sophisticated and superior in quality.
  • Dual-band wireless connectivity.
  • Powerful touch-screen panel.
  • Ink saving cartridge system.


  • Inefficient ink cartridges.
  • The printing speed is not impressive.


Best Features Of A Printer For cricut

  • Wireless Connectivity. This feature will make your printing easy and fast. It will allow you to access images and documents with paired devices such as your handsets, desk, and laptops. If your printer has this feature, it will take your production to a positively different level.
  • Multiple Trays. What you need to consider is the number of trays your printer has and the capacity of each tray. More than one tray will make your machine convenient and reliable for working on different things at one go.
  • Color Output. You want a machine that can produce excellent colors for best cricut productions. Look for a printer that will generate wonderful color outputs and run with it. You want superior quality prints. Without this feature, you are simply throwing your money away.
  • Ink. Most printing machines will consume so much ink and the production will be low at the end of the day compared to the input ink. The best deal here is to look for a printer that uses cheap but good quality ink to avoid the surge in ink investment.
  • Printing Speed. A printing machine with a printing super speed is definitely what you should take home with you. This means speed and productivity.
  • Resolution. Go for a printer with high resolution for sharp and detailed images.


Top 5 Best Embossing Machines In 2020

Most DIY projects require embossing machines to get that much-desired effects and perfection. In fact, you couldn’t get it right without these miracle-working machines. The best embossing machine will help you right through crafting which is a very gentle experience that requires only the best.

With so many brands advertising themselves as loudly as they can, getting the best embossing machine gets difficult and confusing altogether. We have put together this guide to help you through the choosing and the buying process.

Sizzix 657900 Embossing Machine

Sizzix 657900 Big Shot Cutting/Embossing Machine

This portable machine comes with an adjustable Extended Multipurpose Platform for a paper to fabric. Its color scheme of powder blue and teal color makes this machine very attractive and pleasant. This machine is designed to accommodate different varieties of material from paper to fabric.

It works by allowing the artist to manipulate the material into preferred shapes and embossing desired textures. It is operated by just turning the handle to get the desired shapes. It also allows cutting several materials all at the same time. The machine also has standard cutting pads to give the artist a variety of cutting choices.

Big Shot Embossing Machine is used to create like invitation cards, scrapbooks, and even very beautiful home decors. They can also be used for altered arts and high-end fashion. Using this machine is a very easy task as all it requires is just a little pressure. Being a lightweight and portable machine, it is suitable to travel with and use it from place to place.


  • It is a portable machine.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • It is multipurpose as it can be used for both cutting and embossing.
  • It has an adjustable Extended Multipurpose Platform.
  • It accustoms a variety of materials.
  • It can cut many layers in one go.
  • It comes in different colors.
  • It gives creative options.


  • It has a very small handle screw.
  • It has a very short lifespan.
  • It is not suitable for torque.


Bira Craft Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

Bira Craft Die Cutting & Embossing Machine Combo

This cutting & embossing machine is a big deal for an artist with its extra working area. One of its attractive features is its 31/8 feeding slot which makes a whole difference as compared to other embossing machines. This model is also designed in a way that suits beginners and professionals all at the same time.

This lightweight cutting & embossing machine comes at a very affordable price that makes it an outright steal. This machine is fitted with a suction cup which is designed to fit firmly in the working area. All you have to do is uplift lever while pressing down the red one and releasing it simultaneously.

This machine is compact, and it is not a very complicated model to use even for the first time. It cuts easily and very clean through the material. It is a durable model that can last you to your generations to come and it has 100% no-risk purchase to it. It also has a “How to use” video available for free on YouTube for the new users.


  • It has a wide working space.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It is multipurpose for both cutting and embossing
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is pocket friendly.
  • It can be used by both beginners and experienced artists.
  • The cutting path uses real plates.
  • It has a small plate for dies and cards.
  • It cuts easy and clean.
  • It is sturdy.
  • It is suitable if you have less working space.
  • It is beautiful.


  • It is not suitable for thick vinyl.
  • It is not recommended for leather, felt, and fabric.


Sizzix Texture Boutique Embossing Machine

Sizzix 656225

This very attractive embossing machine design mimics the designer feminine handbag. You will simply fall in love with its thoughtful bearded handle. This makes it very attractive but highly functional all at the same time. This model can be used to design and make different cards to suit an occasion.

Besides invitation and card making, this machine is also perfect for embellishing. It is small in size and lightweight making it easy to be moved from place to place without too much fuss. It is also solidly built and very easy to store. This machine is also very pocket friendly, but this doesn’t compromise its quality and functionality.

This highly versatile machine is suitable for crafters who are just starting and the seasoned ones too. It works at a very great speed and it can emboss and embellish in a flash of seconds. It is compatible with embossing folders from other brands and it can work on a variety of materials.


  • It is highly functional.
  • It works at a high speed.
  • It is of superior quality.
  • It is very affordable.
  • Its embossing folder is compatible with other brands.
  • It is multipurpose.
  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • It has a sturdy built.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It is versatile.
  • It is fashionable.
  • Ideal for both beginners and seasoned artists.
  • It is perfect for a gift package.


  • It cannot emboss the entire paper (according to customer reviews).
  • Some customers are not pleased with the quality.


Circuit 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine

Cricut 2000293 Cuttlebug Machine, 14.4 by 12-Inch

This multipurpose Cuttlebug Machine is designed to accept the dyes that you already own. You can use this superior quality machine in almost just any material you love working on to cut and emboss as per your desires. It has the cutting dyes and embossing folders to serve the respective purposes they are built for.

This machine also gives the artist a portable option for the design and go projects. Its storage takes less space because of its fold-n-store design. Its built-in pop-up handle makes it very easy and comfortable to carry it around. The machine also has a strong stabilizing suction section.

This Cuttlebug comes with a variety of accessories in the box including the cutting pads and instruction booklets. In the content box, you will find a spacer and a flower embossing folder. You will find all the cutting pads you require for your crafting projects. This machine does not give size ranges to use for reshaping. It neither resizes the images too and it only relies on the embossing envelops.


  • It delivers quality results.
  • It is multipurpose.
  • It is portable.
  • It has a strong stabilizing suction section.
  • It is a compact machine.
  • It is easy to store.
  • Its quality is superior.


  • It does not give a size range for reshaping.
  • It cannot resize images.
  • It relies on embossing envelope sizes.


Spellbinders PL-001 Emboss Machine

Spellbinders PL-001 Platinum Cut & Emboss Machine

This is one of the most advanced models. Its construction is designed with a solid steel core. This intellectual machine is designed to cut over 8 layers in a raw with expending too much effort. This machine is very easy to store and carry around for projects on the go as it can be folded up into an easy compact.

PL-001 Emboss Machine is an ultra-powerful machine with a considerable amount of cutting pressure. In fact, it can cut over 40 variety of materials. However, the heavier materials will require Contour Steel rule dies to cut perfectly well. The good news is this machine accepts most standard wafer-thin etched die. It can also be used with embossing folders and texture plates.

This machine has very small platinum plates therefore it can use texture plates and embossing folders mas earlier mentioned. It has an extra width that can be used for boxes and dimensional crafts. The platinum plates are clean and soft, and the mechanism of the entire machine is very easy to operate through the rotation. Despite the machine being big enough, you will need to buy the extra plates.


  • It is constructed with a steel core.
  • It cuts through 8 thick layers.
  • It cuts over 40 variety of materials.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It is portable.
  • It can be used with Wafer-thin/ etched dies among other accessories.
  • It is effortless and ultra-powerful.


  • It requires a set of plates at an extra cost.
  • It can be difficult to slack.

What to Consider When Buying an Embossing Machine

  1. Compatibility-A good cutting & embossing machine should be compatible with other brands. This will help you to cut the cost of creating extra designs.
  2. Portability-A machine that is not easy to carry around can become very tough to use. When you are shopping for the embossing machines, portability should be on top of your list of the buying guide.
  3. Versatility-A versatile machine is both handy and beneficial to a crafter. A versatile machine can give an unlimited option and give a lot to do.
  4. Durable-Invest in a machine that can last you long and not serve you only for a few rounds. Also, be sure to check the product’s warranty and guarantee.
  5. Quality-A good machine should not break down after a few uses. A quality machine should not move and break when materials are introduced to it. A superior quality machine is easy to use and very reliable.


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